Myung Fang Long

Myung grew up on the planet Eden with her two best friends Isamu Alva Dyson and Guld Goa Bowman. Singing was her passion, and her song "Voices" was a hit during her school's festival. She, Isamu and Guld were a love triangle that eventually exploded when Guld found Myung and Isamu having a tender moment, and ended with Guld assaulting his two friends. The trio broke up and Myung left Eden soon after. Years later, Myung returned to Eden as the producer for Sharon Apple, the computerized singer on tour. The secret was that Sharon Apple was incomplete. She had no emotions. Myung's real job was to supply these emotions. On Eden, Myung is shocked when she meets Isamu and Guld there, the two now pilots competing in the Super Nova Project. The reunion brings back the old rivalry between the two and feelings that Myung thought she had left behind. Before settling matters between her and her two suitors, she leaves Eden with Sharon Apple for Earth to celebrate the anniversary of the armistice between the humans and the Zentradi. There, the awakened Sharon Apple imprisons Myung so she can have free rein with Isamu and Guld. It also reveals Myung's love for Guld, but greater love for Isamu. Myung manages to free herself and stop Sharon Apple, but not before she settles all the lingering emotions with her two friends. (Source: Wikipedia)