Nae Tennouji


Also Known As:

  • Sister Braun

Steins;Gate Age: 11 Birthday: November 9th Blood type: A Height: 137cm Weight: 31kg Tennouji Yuugo's only daughter, in grade school. Really loves her father, and often shows up at the CRT TV Workshop on the way home from school. She's a bit docile. Thinks of Mayuri as her "older sister," but is often frightened by Itaru and Rintarou. In the VN, after her father committed suicide, Nae became hellbent on revenge against Rintarou and Moeka, whom she believed was responsible for her father's death as they did not stop him from killing himself. In the future, she became a commander of SERN's Rounder unit. She captured and tortured Rintarou to death in 2025, then time-leaped over a thousand times to get back to 2010 to kill Moeka. Robotics;Notes She is now 20 years old and works for JAXA (Source:, Wikipedia)