Nagamitsu Sakonshougen

Nagamitsu Sakonshougen is a man who believes he's destined for great things and has set out to make a name for himself. A self proclaimed samurai, he travels all over Japan aiming to defeat the best regarded samurai in Japan, eventually hoping to live in Edo castle. He's accompanied by two apprentices; Shinpachi and Ogura Bunta. When challenging someone to battle or making a public scene, Shinpachi will beat-box while Ogura will do various things to make Nagamitsu's appearance more appealing, such as reflecting sunlight onto Nagamitsu to give him a picture-esque appearance. Nagamitsu Sakonshougen is actively pursuing samurai who wear glasses, more specifically Jin. Nagamitsu wants to claim the title of "Undefeated in one thousand duels" originally held by Mariya Enshir�, but now owned by Jin, to further build his fame. Contrary to his claim, Nagamitsu is a sub par swordsman, often surviving duels through dumb luck. Although Nagamitsu hits on Fuu, he actually has children and is married to Budoukiba, whom he calls "Osen".