Nakeem Greendina


Nakeem is a large, fat Arrancar who always takes a hunched position with his hands crossed on his back. His face is round and wide and he has small eyes. His hair is dark brown and has a bowl hairstyle. His Arrancar uniform is exactly equal to his fellow fraccion Shawlong Kūfang, a tight jacket and a belt leading a Zanpakut� in his waist. The remains of his Hollow mask covers exactly half of his face. His character is seriously and calmly, often imitate and follow the orders of Shawlong. He barely speaks and has a calm attitude. In the manga, Nakeem's only line of dialogue was a single word, "Sonido", a response to Rangiku Matsumoto asking him what the Arrancar's speed ability was called. He spoke more in the anime, but still far less than his companions.