Nana Astar Deviluke


Age: 14 Birthday: August 8 Blood type: B Height: 151 cm Weight: 43 kg BWH: 68-54-77 cm One of Lala's younger sisters, she is also the elder twin sister of Momo. Nana only appears to be more the mischievous of the two. She has an affinity for fauna. Both Nana and Momo are currently on Earth, running away from their studies. She didn't like Rito to begin with, but later warms up to him. She has tsundere characteristics. Nana also has a special ability to communicate with various alien beasts and animals. She also uses an invention of Lala which enables her to store her friends in a virtual space and summon them at will. Nana stated that she is the inferior twin, being flat. People say that she is the worse behaved of the two, even though Nana says it's because most do not know of Momo's dark side. Despite this, even after they argue, they make up again. Nana supports her Lala's relationship with Rito, even though she calls him a beast many times, this only helps Momo's harem plan in the end. (Source: Wikipedia)