Nanami Shinonome

東雲 ななみ

Also Known As:

  • Kaichou

She was originally a stern, no nonsense human student who was against the idea of having vampires attend the school, seeing them all as evil. However, after staying at school late at night, she was attacked by vampire's serving a vampire against Mina. She served her because of the Master/Servant bond, but still served the opposition even after her master's death, being blackmailed by her secret love to Yuzuru, a young boy that was her next-door neighbor, to after she became a vampire was unable to control her lust for him, nearly raping him one night. After Mina defeated the enemy and Yuzuru confronted her on her feelings, he willingly becomes a vampire so he could live in the Bund with her. She later returns to her position as Student Council President, though in the omake reveals she also became one of Mina's maids. It is noted that she has a very keen eye for detail, noticing how the school was built to house vampires after discovering that Mina was the Chairwoman/Founder of the school (however this only happened in the anime, in the manga it was Mina who pointed this out). The maids refer to her as a shotacon after seeing Yuzuru. She is blonde in the manga. (Source: Wikipedia)