Nanjiro Echizen

越前 南次郎

Also Known As:

  • Samurai Nanjiro

Age: Late 30s Birthdate: November 11 Known relatives: Rinko Echizen (née Takeuchi, wife) Ryoga Echizen (adoptive son) Ryoma Echizen (son) Nanako Meino (niece) Style: All-Rounder, Right handed Nanjiro Echizen is the father of the series' protagonist Ryoma Echizen. He is also known as "Samurai Nanjiro" for his invincible tennis skills during his earlier years as a professional tennis player. During his Junior high years, he was trained by the current coach of the Seigaku Tennis Club, Sumire Ryuzaki. It was also in his high school life that Ryuzaki discovered Nanjiro's natural talent (when he discovered "nitÅ�ryÅ«" all by himself) in Tennis. After leaving Japan and going pro, he remained undefeated and was only one more opponent away to earning a Grand Slam title before he unexpectedly decided to retire. (Source: Wikipedia)