Naoko Kitashirou


Also Known As:

  • Nakki

Main character of the manga. She reminds me of a girl in my form, incredibly clever, athletic and popular without the irritating self conscious snobbiness. Anyway, Nakki was raised by her grandparents. Her parents left her there at a very young age because they could not cope raising twins especially when one of them (Mari, Nakki's sister) requires around the clock care. Over time they just left her in the country with her grandparents until the doctor told them Mari might only live up to 20 and it would be best to have her whole family around her. Personally I always thought this attitude was rather cruel, putting one child's need ahead of the other for so long seemed the equivalent of throwing them away for life. Nor are they doing this because of financial reason, the Kitashiro family are wealthy beyond belief. However, unlike petty old me, Nakki was ready to forgive her parents actions. I think deep down she might have felt guilty for being so gifted and healthy while her sister was so sickly.