Naoshi Haruki

陽日 直獅

Birthdate: August 11 Horoscope: Leo Height: 164 cm Weight: 53 kg Blood Type: 0 Age: 24 Job: Teacher Haruki Naoshi is 24 years old and Tsukiko’s homeroom teacher. When Iku comes to work as a student teacher Naoshi has his hands full always trying to get him to do his work. Naoshi is really loves the whole "youth" part of high school because he missed out on his own youth. When a student in the class transfers Naoshi feels guilty that he could not do anything to help and feels like he’s a failure as a teacher. His best friend Hiroki, was the one who got him to enjoy his high school life. Hiroki had an unrequited love for a girl who already had a boyfriend, but despite this he still risked his own life to save her from a car accident then he fell into a coma. When Naoshi and Tsukiko go to visit Hiroki in the hospital, they run into that girl. She tells them that she’s been visiting Hiroki every day ever since the accident, but she was too afraid to go in so she would just stand outside the door and pray. Naoshi falls in love with Tsukiko but doesn't know what to do because of the student/teacher relationship. After the Halloween night party, Tsukiko tells him that she likes him and he tells her he feels the same way. He warns her that they have to keep their relationship a secret. During the school trip they go to a flower field together where he makes her a little flower wreath and then they share their first kiss. In the end the two of them are on their way to Tsukiko's house to ask her father for permission to get married.