Naoto Shirogane

白鐘 直斗

Also Known As:

  • Detective Prince

Age: 15 (Start of the game, 16 first appearance) Date of Birth: April 27th, 1995 Zodiac: Taurus Height: 152 cm (5'0") Bloodtype: B Initial Persona: Sukuna-Hikona Ultimate Persona: Yamato-Takeru Arcana: Fortune Weapon: Revolver A refined, serious youth, with formal body language and gestures. Naoto is a young detective under the case of Inaba's Murders. Naoto Shirogane is a tomboyish girl whose appearance and mannerisms closely resemble that of Raidou Kuzunoha the 14th. She is known as a famous high school detective, given the glorious title of "Detective Prince" by the media. Naoto is adept in the use of revolvers, and her Persona is summoned by shooting the card. Naoto's Persona is well-rounded with Light, Dark, Almighty and physical skills at her disposal. Naoto lost her parents at a young age and was raised by grandfather, who was also a detective. Yearning to emulate the cool male sleuths she read in novels as well as accepting the family tradition, she aids her grandfather various times in his own cases, eventually creating a favorable reputation for herself. She was sent to Inaba by the prefecture police, to gain insight for the serial murders happening there. Naoto is yet another survivor of the Midnight Channel, bound by her resentment at being talked down to and treated as a child by the police, as well as her views on the police force being dominated by men. This manifests in a volatile shadow that also creates a high-tech facility reminiscent to that of futuristic military bases from science fiction. Her shadow self is dressed in a dress shirt and tie, while wearing a white lab coat that is too big for her. This shadow can act like a serious scientist one minute and act like a child the next, further referencing her true feelings. Her shadow claims she will perform "body modification" to turn Naoto into an adult male so that she can be respected by her fellow police officers. However, unlike the other victims, she had willingly put herself in danger by volunteering for a TV interview in hopes of using herself as bait; she was convinced that the Investigation Team had not caught the real killer. Naoto is extremely gender-conscious and is often embarrassed when people learn she is female due to her rather masculine hobbies and practices. For this reason she wears her loose and gender neutral clothes to hide her feminine figure. In fact, in one scene after the group receives a physical examination at the hospital, Rise is shocked by the results of Naoto's exam and proclaims that "they must have measured wrong." In embarrassment, Naoto steals the results and vows to shred them, hinting that she might, in fact, have a much more feminine physique than she lets on.