Nashetania Loei Piena Augustra


Age: around 18 Nashetania is the first princess of Piena (which is the biggest and most influent kingdom in the continent), and as such, is first in line to succeed to the current King. She was also chosen as the new Saint of "Blades" three years ago. She has gorgeous looks with beautiful and long flaxen hair, big red eyes, plump lips and a charming face. She gives an impression of nobility and dignity by just standing still. In battle, she wears white armor with a helmet featuring two fake rabbit ears, and wields a rapier with a jewel mounted in the grip. Her power as the "Saint of Blades" allows her to create blade wherever she wants, which she can either use as projectiles or to impale her opponents by making the blades suddenly arise from the ground right below them. She can also use the blades to create a shield in front of her to protect herself from incoming projectiles. Nashetania has very different personalities depending on who she's with. This goes from an insouciant and easygoing young girl to a proper princess full of dignity, and can also be akin to the personality of a cruel mastermind or even a mischievous and playful woman at times. Because of this, it's difficult for the others to understand what her real feelings are, and she appears to be very manipulative by adapting herself to others in order to easily deceive them and to incite them in doing what she wants. She knows of Goldof's feelings for her, but doesn't seem to especially care about them. However, she completely trusts Goldof when it comes to protecting and saving her. She has an extremely high opinion of Goldof's fighting abilities, and believes that he'll rescue her no matter the number of enemies standing in his way. She was one of the most promising battle-oriented Saints and as such, received training regularly from Mora after inheriting the power of "Blades" three years ago. It is later learned that she was actually the seventh brave who activated the barrier around the temple. She was raised beside Dozzu, a shape-shifting kyouma, who taught her that humans and kyouma could live side-by-side. Many years ago, Dozzu had made a deal with the two other kyouma leaders; that whichever of the three of them killed three of the six braves, would be able to command the other two from then on. Nashetania snuck into the barrier as a brave in order to complete this task for him.