A dragon of Earth, Nataku is an androgynous clone of extreme psychic ability, born of genetic material of TÅ�jyÅ� Kazuki, the deceased granddaughter of the president of TÅ�jyÅ� Pharmaceuticals, and her father Masaki. It is sent to retrieve the Shinken by the Chairman TÅ�jyÅ� who wishes to destroy the sword so that Nataku cannot become entangled in the matter of the Promised Day. In the process of stealing the Shinken, Nataku mortally wounds KyÅ�go, FÅ«ma and Kotori's father, who was attempting to protect the Shinken. Nataku is haunted by the memories of its previous life as Kazuki, and follows FÅ«ma unquestionably as FÅ«ma resembles the person Kazuki cared most for—her father. In Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Nataku is one of the fighters of the City Hall faction. Unlike in X, he is a mentally developed adult and takes care of Kazuki, alternate version of X's Kazuki (who substitutes Seishirou's place)