Nataku Li

李 哪吒

A living human-paopei (divine superweapon) hybrid, he has once been dead and revived with the aid of Tai-itsu built via lotus plant. Possessing little emotion and a cold personality (although he does have a bit of a soft spot for his mother and Tenshou whom he watches over after Tenka died), he exists largely to fight and is more "directed" by Taikoubou than lead, albeit at times that became hazardous to Taikoubou's health as Nataku has no qualms about shooting his weapons at people. Nataku has a serious grudge against his father who was responsible for destroying the grave his mother made for him when he died. Throughout the manga Nataku gets several paopeis, mostly given to him by Tai-itsu: Fukarin - boots which have a metal wheel under each one, a transportation paopei that allows him to fly. Kenkonken - a pair of iron bracelets which work as homing missiles and hit the target with tremendous impact. Kontenryou - a cloth on his waist, it can control water. Kinsen - a cannon on his shoulder which can shoot beams of destructing light. Kasensou - a spear which can extend in range. Kyuryushinkatou II - a container that can be used for both protecting or imprisoning. Kinkousen - Chou Kou Mei's super paopei that been implemented into Nataku before the battle with Signpost of History.