Natala was a member of the Empire's assassination group Group of Terror appearing in the prequel series Akame Ga Kill!: Zero until his death. He is now serving as one of Kurome's main corpse puppets. Natala is one of the members of Kurome's group of assassins. He died some time before the main story and his deceased body was reanimated by Kurome using Yatsufusa. He is later use in a battle against Night Raid, defending Kurome from her enemies. After the battle, Natala became one of the last two puppets, the other being Dooya. Natala wielded Trisula. Mine mistakenly thought it was a Teigu, but it is in fact a Shingu. Because the weapon's design allows it to expand and contract at will, its style of killing is to cut the opponent's body in two. Natala bifurcated Chelsea with this weapon. (Source: Akame ga Kill! Wikia)