レオネ・ディ・チェーリ バージョンボンゴレ

Also Known As:

  • Leone de Cieli Vongola Version
  • Vongola box of the Sky

Title: Leone di Cieli Version Vongola/ Leone di Cieli Version X Name: Natsu Type Box: Animal (Lion Cub) Flame: Sky Attribute: Harmony Cambio Forma: • Modo Difesa: Mantello di Vongola Primo • Modo Atacco: Mitena di Vongola Primo • V.V.G. Cambio Forma (Arm thrusters) Power: S Intelligence: B Speed: B Stamina: C Size: 20cm (minus the tail) Personality: Similar to Tsuna's Skills: • Biting • Scratching • Lacerating • Purring • Ruggito di Cieli Anime Debut: Episode 167 Manga Debut: Chapter 240 Manga Debut (Version X): Chapter 328 Natsu, Tsuna's exclusive Vongola Box Weapon, was created by remodeling a Sky-attribute Sky Lion. It is imbued with the Vongola's latest technology. It is still in the process of growth and Tsuna has named it Natsu. Its figure is that of a small, immature lion that acts like its master in and out of battle, going from a serious and powerful animal to a timid and easily frightened cub. As they are both based on the same Box Animal, Natsu has some similarities to Xanxus's Bester. Just like the normal Leone di Cielo, it can assimilate the enemy with the battlefield through the Harmony of its Flames. Its greatest feature is transforming to the same weapons used by Vongola Primo (Sky's V.B.) and Tsuna now using (Sky's V.G.), via Cambio Forma.