Natsuko Aki

秋 夏子

Also Known As:

  • Nacchan

As with many of the supporting characters in Cutie Honey Aki has taken on many different roles. In the original manga she is Honey's friend and roommate at the all girls school they go to. In Re: Cutie Honey Aki Natsuko is a lead Investigator for the National Police Security Task Force – Branch 9. She is cold and controlling and is an absolute perfectionist. While she is an exceptional police officer she also has the bad habit of getting “in over her head” into trouble. She is an expert marksman. She tends to wear black a lot and lives alone in a small apartment. She has a passion for Japanese Sake and when she gets drunk loves to sing Karaoke. Hides her beauty by wearing non-prescription eyeglasses. (Source: Japanhero)