Natsumi Raimon

雷門 夏未

Also Known As:

  • Nelly

She is the daughter of the chairman of the school and is the student body council president. She becomes a manager because of Endo's passion for soccer. She is shown to have a romantic interest in Endo and strongly believes that he is the best goalkeeper around. She has long and wavy brown hair and a pair of auburn eyes. She has long bang which is parted in the middle and pulled to the back. Natsumi has fair skin. She is always seen in a Raimon female uniform but slightly different from those which Haruna and Aki wear (perhaps because she is the Student Body President) which is the default cream collared shirt but with maroon ribbon at the middle and maroon pleated skirt. In season 3, she is often seen in a light blue long-hands T-shirt with short brown jeans and a scarf tied around her neck. She also holds a brown hand-bag in this clothing. Natsumi's personality is like she likes to help out, but does not like to get her hands dirty. At first, she seems very much against the Raimon soccer club and is dead-set on disbanding it, often setting challenges for them to overcome with the threat of being shut down if they fail. After a few matches, Natsumi sees major potential in their team and becomes the third manager after Aki and Haruna. She follows the team in the Inazuma Caravan in the Aliea Academy arc, helping out, and calling her dad to assist the team with help when needed. She is one of the few members of the team who seemed fine with Coach Hitomiko, even asking her to stay as Coach when she was about to leave, also requesting that she would bring Gouenji back to the team, only to find out Coach Hitomiko would not allow that just yet. (Source: Wikipedia) In the 18th episode of Inazuma Eleven Go it is discovered that she married Endou.