Negi Springfield


Negi Springfield is the teacher of Mahora Girls' Jr High School class 3-A (formley 2-A) with formely 31 students, now reduced to 30. Negi Springfield is the son of master mage Nagi Springfield, famously known as the legendary "Thousand Master" and princess Akira of the Ostian Empire in the magic world. At present, Negi has formed 11 temporarily pactio with his students (Asuna, Nodoka, Setuna, Konoka, Yue, Haruna, Chisame, Kazumi, Kaede, Kuu Fei, and Chachamaru) and 1 temporarily pactio with Theo, which gives him the artifact that allow him to use any of his partner's artifact. Negi specialize in Wind spells and Lightning spells (his father's specialty) though he is initially lacking in battle experience. He later trains under Ku Fei in Martial Arts to make up for his weakness in close combat, advancing very quickly (even learning how to do instant movement, otherwise known as Shundou), and applies a strong magical barrier around himself to avoid damaging his frail body. He eventually becomes a master of using delayed spells as a battle tactic. Due to the training he had with Evangeline and Jack Rakan, his magic and combat capability increases exponentially. Negi also learns and improves upon Evangeline's "Magia Erebea," which absorb offensive spells into his own body. He also came up with a new spell: "Spell Synthesis: Lightning God Lance Titan Slayer" which is a new high class lightning spell. Negi even manage to use Magia Erebea's ultimate ability by using a magic circle that can stop and absorb the enemy's attack whether it is magical or spiritual attack and use it against them, which even Evangeline herself could not master it. In the latest chapter, it is shown that Magia Erebea marks have begin to spread all over Negi's body and that Negi has formed a temporarily pactio with Shiori, one of Fate's subordinates. His aim is to become a Magister Magi (master mage) like his father and find his father who is currently missing.