The main villain of the Blue Dragon game and a major villain in the first anime. Nene is an old man whose from a race of humanoids called Ancients. Nene runs Gran Kingdom and flies across the globe causing destruction and despair in a mobile air fortress surrounded by purple clouds. His main goal is world domination. Nene can fight without his shadow and suspend himself into the air, avoid energy blasts, and absorb others' shadow powers to increase his strength tenfold.[6] His mastery over his magic was so great that it caused an illness that led to him rapidly aging. To deal with this problem, he manipulated events that Shu, Jiro, Kluke, and Marumaro would each take a light sphere and learning to use magic so he could eventuall take their power and develop a stronger soul to cure his illness. He eventually succeeds in this plan, but they manage to retain their power. When eventually faced at the end of the game, he offers them a chance to join, specifically offering Shu a chance to be his successor. When Shu turns his offer down, Nene attempts to take their power again, but finds that their power had matured and become their own, so he couldn't take it. He is fought and defeated, and after which is killed by Zola. In "Blue Dragon Plus," he is reborn and eventually helps Shu and the others to find the Balaur. In the anime, Nene has been capturing children to power his artificial shadow machine. He overwhelmed Shu and Co. at first until Kluke manifested her Phoenix shadow and got them out of there. It is later revealed that he is a descendant of one of the Soldiers of Light. By the next encounter, Nene merged with his shadow and Deathroy and was destroyed by Shu and Blue Dragon. Nene is the owner of the Chimera shadow which resembles a red dragon-like creature with orange hair and bird-like wings. In the video game, Nene's shadow was originally a red version of Blue Dragon. But after absorbing the light spheres that Shu and his friends swallowed, the dragon becomes Chimera (adopting features from all of the other shadows). In the anime, it was Deathroy who owns Chimera and Nene manipulates it.