Nenji Kashiwazaki


Also Known As:

  • Okina

Kashiwazaki Nenji (�崎念至), also known as Okina, is a strong fighter and a talented strategist. He is said to be the only one who can equal the former Oniwabanshū leader in a fight, wielding steel tonfa to block sword blows. Okina was to become the next leader but refused the position, saying that it was the time for the young, not the old and recommended Aoshi to be the next leader. He was then made an agent in Kyoto for gathering information. Upon retiring, he gave up his fighting ways (although he was seen fighting Aoshi) and now lives peacefully in Kyoto at the Aoiya (House of Malva), the headquarters of the Oniwabanshū (which is now a hotel), where he raised Misao. Although old, Okina still possesses a quick mind and knows all of the outer and inner workings of Kyoto since the old intelligence network of the Oniwabanshu is still active. He uses this network to help Kenshin find Arai Seikū and Hiko Seijūr�. Okina tends to like drinking games and pretty girls. (Source: Wikipedia)