Also Known As:

  • Purple Sister
  • Ge-Ge
  • Nep Jr.
  • Neppy Jr.

Height: 154 cm Weight: 40 kg 3 sizes: B78/ W56 / H80 Nepgear is the human form of Purple Sister and also the little sister of Neptune. She first appears in mk2 and in the Manga. In contrast to Neptune's hyper active and energetic behavior, Nepgear is a very shy girl who will over-apologize for even the tiniest of things. She's somewhat timid when it comes to things and people but friendly otherwise. Once she has made a friend, no matter what they think of her later she will hold them closely, such as when Uni angrily left and began to hate Nepgear upon finding out that Nepgear fled and left their sisters behind. (Source: Hyperdimension Neptunia Wikia)