Nicky is one of Garlic Jr.'s henchmen. Nicky first appears when he and Ginger kidnap Gohan. Afterwards, Nicky was assigned to watch over Gohan. It proved to be a daunting task. When Gohan ate a piece of fruit from a tree that was in the courtyard, he became delusional and started to see unusual things, much to Nicky's dismay. When Goku arrives to Garlic Jr.'s hideout with the intention of saving Gohan, Nicky prepares to fight Goku along with fellow henchmen Ginger and Sansho. After powering up, they became more than a match for him. But Sansho was separated from his comrades, leaving just Nicky and Ginger to deal with Goku. As they fight, Nicky pulled a sword out of his leg to fight Goku. Despite this, Goku used his Power Pole to knock Nicky into a nearby tower. He was then killed by a Kamehameha that also destroyed Ginger. Nicky's technique of using the sword pulled out of his leg is called Katana Kogeki. This technique is shared with Ginger. Nicky can also fire energy waves from his palm. Nicky's battle phrase is "Tutti Frutti" in the Funimation dub and Ocean dub. In Japanese, the phrase is "Nodoame". The phrase allowed Nikki to get bigger and faster, allowing him to get the upper hand against Goku. Nicky also appears to have a fondness for fruit, as shown when he and the others kidnapped Gohan, he was seen plucking several apples into his mouth.