Nike Takeuchi


Nike is the current Gem King and the most powerful of Genesis' four Kings. He lives in America and leads two teams. "Nike" is just an alias and, in actuality, he is the real leader of Genesis, and the identical twin brother of Sora Takeuchi, with whom he also shares his real name. He is mentally unstable, and has a deep hatred for the one who took everything away from his brother, the former Gem King, Kilik. He is attracted to Simca (he even assaults her on one occasion) and is shown to be furious when Ikki asks her out on a date if he wins at the end of the Gram Scale Tournament. His Jade road is a combination of the Wing Road and the Gaia Road and allows him to nullify damage and strengthen his own body greatly. His Regalia can cause complete paralysis by sending vibrations that are completely opposite to one's own biorhythm through the ground.