Niko Yazawa

矢澤 にこ

Also Known As:

  • Super Idol Nico

Age: 17 Birthday: July 22 Blood type: A Height: 154 cm BWH: 74-57-79 Favorite food: sweets Disliked Food: spicy foods Normally, Niko has quite an aggressive personality, but when she takes on her alternate personality she becomes a happy, upbeat character who is always smiling. Her catchphrase is "Nico Nico Nii!" accompanied with a pose. She often thinks a bit highly of herself but despite that, she is also caring. A common joke in the series is that she's often ignored by the other members of μ's at her attempts at being the better idol. Yazawa Niko was the Idol Research Club's president. In Episode 10 Niko is shown to be a very skilled cook despite her saying she has never cooked before. She is also interested in fashion. (Source: Love Live! School Idol Project Wikia) Note: "Niko Yazawa" is the correct spelling of this name per Hepburn romanization, which is used as a MyAnimeList standard.



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