Nilval Nephew


Age: 45 A female military officer of the Iron Tribe, and acting commander of the Azu-Azot fleet. She and Captain Mobeedo were in officer's school together. It is said that she has the worst luck, but is highly dependable. She seems to have a rough demeanor, but is well-respected by her crew. She is later transferred to Meleagros' flagship, the Althaea. While there, he becomes quite vocal in her distaste of the way Meleagros and Atalantees lead the fleet, to the point where she's relieved of command for disapproving of their tactical methods. After she gains enough support to relieve Meleagros and Atalantees of command, Nilval assumes command of the fleet. She has utmost faith in Dhianela's abilities and is an ardent supporter of her policies. After the end of the war with the Siver Tribe, Nilval becomes the Grand Deuchess of Earth, ruling from a space station located at the entrance to the star system. She claims the title is just a fancy word for toll collector.