Also Known As:

  • Master of the Righteous Flame
  • Nix

Height: 165 cm Measurements: 86/56/83 Occupation: Magician (Fire is her specialty) Weapon: Staff (Her treasured Funikura) Protection: None Likes: Funikura Hates: Those who poke fun at the former her. Hobbies: Cooking (Can make rough ingredient into something delicious.) Nyx's mother was a lowly servant of the house that Leina and Elina come from. One day, she came across a forbidden staff, Funikura, a sentient staff that granted her immeasurable magical powers - but she is unable to control it. Now, as a wandering fire mage, she is hooked up on the idea of justice that she goes overboard and ending up torching the homes of supposed villains. Nyx continues to fight and joining the tournament, in fear that she'll lose this power and the need to crush all. In the first season of the anime, she is shown for a few seconds at the beginning of episode 3 on a Queen's Blade broadcast using a fire spell.