Noe Kazama

風間 之江

Kenji Kazama's younger sister, and a first year at Fujou High. She shares her brother's sharp, spiky hair and his passion for retorting during conversation (mostly while in the company of Kenji's friends/fellow club members). She shows, much to her embarrassment, a higher level of affection for her brother in certain situations (for instance: when she is scared/upset). She is dubbed an "ice type" by the members of the Game Creation Club (Temp) after she told them her favorite thing is ice cream. But later at hashimoto island as she helped carry kenji from sick motion her element more known as "little sister element" which more famous and got more enthusiastic than the "ice type" element She develops a deep fear of Takao, partly due to the latter stating that she ordered Kenji to stand in line for a game release in her stead - to which he complied (Noe being aware that her brother is a delinquent). The fact that Takao ordered him was a lie, which she made up in order to avoid a misunderstanding (which failed miserably). Takao continues to compound this fear, although unintentionally. (Source: D-Frag Manga)