Nona Yuuki

結城 ノナ

Also Known As:

  • Prima Asparas

Birthday: 31 August Zodiac: Virgo Blood Type: B Height: 155 Weight: 47 Another Stellar Spinner, but one from Figurare. Presumably this is her first time in the human world, hence her confusion with certain simple tasks such as washing rice (which she confuses for "sharpening" it due to both words using the same kanji). She is an expert spell-caster and quite proficient at capturing stardrops. Her power level in the beginning far exceeds Sumomo's, as evidenced by her telling Sumomo to try to touch her "recipe" (her spellbook). Sumomo is shocked by it and unable to grasp it. They later develop a friendly rivalry, as well as shared feelings for Masaharu. Nona is the top Stellar Spinner from the Prima Asparas school. Later, she joins Masaharu and Sumomo's school to study the human world; it is unclear as to why her human form is different from her Stellar Spinner form.