Nation's name: Kongeriket Norge (Kingdom of Norway) Capital: Oslo Language: Norwegian Birthday: May 17 National flower: Heath One of the Nordic countries, and seemingly one of the most enigmatic characters in the series. His hair is pale blonde, and he possesses dull, soulless dark blue eyes (similar to Japan's) as well as a curly ahoge that floats independently beside his head (sometimes accompanied by a small dot). This was said by Hidekaz Himaruya to be because Norway is a "whimsical" type of character, thus the reason why the hair curl is floating and unattached to his head. He has a younger brother named Iceland whom he's quite close with. It was confirmed by a DNA test that the two are in fact blood brothers, but even so, Iceland refuses to call Norway "Onii-chan" (Big Brother). Norway's self-proclaimed best friend is Denmark, whom he has known since they were children. Denmark seems to be terribly dense, for he does not realize that Norway doesn't consider them to be close in the slightest. Often times, you can find Norway picking on Denmark, but he's too oblivious to notice. His personality is rather mysterious, and he doesn't talk much or show emotion. He's apparently very shy around strangers, and is somewhat of a recluse. According to Iceland's pet puffin, Mr. Puffin, he's surprisingly snarky. Like England, he is able to interact with and see supernatural creatures. It is because of this that you can sometimes see a little fairy or troll by his side. Also to note is that he speaks in a Tsugaru dialect, and is often seen sporting a barrette shaped like a Nordic Cross on the left side of his head. Although his official human name has not been decided, Hidekaz Himaruya revealed in a blog post that he has considered "Bjørn," "Børre," "Kjetil," "Knut," "Lukas," and "Sigurd" as possible first names with the possible surnames "Bondevik" and "Thomassen."