Nozomi Toujou

東條 希

Age: 17 Birthday: June 9 Blood type: 0 Height: 159 cm BWH: 90-60-82 Favorite food: yakiniku Least favorite food: caramel Nozomi is Eri's best friend and the vice president of the school's student council. She often advises μ's and appears as wise. However, because of the way she punishes them (by grabbing their breasts), she often seems perverted. Despite this, she is the eldest member of μ's. She likes spiritual things such as "power spots" and charms, though she is most well known for her fortune-telling which she uses as her secret method of quickly fitting in whenever she is forced to change environments. She also finds an interest in helping the other girls as much as possible. She was Otonokizaka High School's student council vice-president. It is also stated that she likes taking naps. (Source: Love Live! School Idol Project Wikia)



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