Nuan Pang


Also Known As:

  • Hou Ken

Hou Ken is one of Zhao's "Three Great Heavens" and the most hated enemy of Ou Ki. He is also a Bushin, making him Kyou Kai's foretold enemy. Thinks of himself as a Bushin but is actually a failed "Path Seeker". He spent most of his time in the mountains training with his guandao. He appeared during the conquest of Bayou to fight Kyou, one of the Six Great Generals, as her presence drew him out of his training. Hou Ken easily cutting through her elite bodyguards before Kyou arrived on the scene. She was killed by him in combat and he was, in turn, severely wounded by Ou Ki who gave him a scar across his face before his body was riddled with arrows. He came to after the Qin army had left and headed out to do more training as his might was nowhere near that of the man who juust defeated him. It took him 3 years to recover from his wounds and he took another 6 years to train before he was approached by Ri Boku to be involved in Zhao's plans against Qin. STATS: Strength 100 Leadership unknown Knowledge unknown (Source: Kingdom Wikia)