The other creature from the Palmier Kingdom, Nuts is brown and transforms into a clerk of a jewelry shop called NutsHouse. In the beginning of the series, he is sealed within the Dream Collet. Coco describes him as a good friend, comparable to the relationship between Nozomi and Rin. In Episode 7, Nuts is released from the Dream Collet, and is revealed to have a distant, aloof personality. Because of the events of his past, he has difficulty trusting anyone, and does not even trust Coco when he says that the Pretty Cure girls are on their side. His human form is so good looking that it causes the other Pretty Cure girls to blush, as well as most other girls who see him. Some episodes of the series, as well as a set of character cards, give his human name as "Natts"; however, this is generally accepted as English. (Source: Wikipedia)