The 'Special Zombie' known as Oars is the 900th zombie created by Dr. Hogback for Gecko Moria. His physical appearance is that of a massive, horned creature even larger than a normal giant. In his past life he was known as 'the Demon of the Frozen Land', having conquered and mercilessly ruled over many countries and islands over five-hundred years ago. His 'rebirth' as a zombie is an event of great importance to the crew of Thriller Bark. In order to make Oars the strongest zombie ever created, Gecko Moria implants the shadow of Straw Hat Luffy into the zombie's body. Having Luffy's shadow in his body, Oars's attacks have names similar to Luffy's moves (Gomu Gomu no Scythe, Gomu Gomu no Volcano). Though he is initially incapable of stretching his body, he gains this ability when Gecko Moira takes control of his body. Despite his immense size, Oars is extremely fast, moving so quick that he almost disappears for an instant before unleashing an attack. Making matters worse, small doses of salt have no effect on him because of his size. Oars is ultimately defeated by the combined efforts of the entire Straw Hat crew, after several unsuccessful attempts. He is killed when Gecko Moria absorbs the shadows of all of the Thriller Bark zombies.