Daijirou Ohara


Also Known As:

  • Buchou

The Chief Patrol Officer of Katsushika, in charge of the police box in front of Kameari Park. He usually called "Buch�" or "Division Head" (部長) and is Ryotsu's boss. He is a typical grizzled middle manager senior cop. Sporting a small trimmed mustache, Bucho is often out of touch or exasperated with his younger staff, but always ready to give out punishment to Ryo-san for his laziness.(But he treats Ryotsu like his son because he does not have son, so he is kind to Ryotsu by heart.) He is a father-like figure for Ryoutsu, Reiko, and Nakagawa. His many hobbies include Judo, Kendo, Sado, Bonsai, and calligraphy. He comes to hashutsujho by bus and train. He gives many punishments to Ryoutsu. He also wears army costumes with holding guns or rides on the tank and goes to Hashutsujyo to give punishment to Ryotsu.(In this scene, Ryotsu makes troubles, that make Ohara ashamed, so he wears costumes and rides on tank to give punishment to Ryotsu, however Ryotsu is not there, then Nakagawa or Terai tells where Ryotsu went.) (Source: Wikipedia)