Oldna Poseidal


The legendary immortal emperor from the planet Gastogal that rules all of Pentagona. Poseidal is easily spotted by his white hair and mismatched eyes; one yellow, one blue. With the power of the bio-relation that harnesses biological energy, he has the ability to control the actions of others and lives forever. He is nearly invincible, particularly in his own Heavy Metal, the Original Auge. After defeating Kamon Walha V, cementing his status as ruler of Pentagona, Poseidal disappears from view, hiding as the wealthy trader Amandara Kamandara. As the battle between the rebellion and the military reaches its climax Poseidal returns to the forefront and battles Daba. He perishes when the bio-relation system that preserves his youth is deactivated. An indefining work, the Five Star Stories, the main character often uses the pseudonym Ladios Sopp. If you spell this backwards...you get "ppossoidal". (Source: Wikipedia)