Guardian of Dreams Age: 22 Height: 180cm (5ft 11in) Weight: 63kg (138lb 14oz) Eye Color: dark blue Hair Color: passion blond Birthday: October 20 Sign: Libra Blood Type: O Origin: a cold planet Lineage: ? Family: father, mother, 2 older brothers, younger brother, younger sister Nature of Sacrea: beauty, love, pleasure, freedom Messenger Came: age 18 Became a Guardian: age 20 Hobbies: make up, music appreciation and performance, nail art Interests: hair extensions, aroma therapy Best Friend: Luva Worst Friend: Julious Ideal Woman: a strong willed "cute" girl Favorite Scent: elegant and spicy Favorite Item: nail polish Favorite Animal: bird of paradise Favorite Drink: mango and passionfruit juice Favorite Food: caviar, tropical fruits Disliked Food: tabasco, salami sausage, aloe Personality: Cheerful and openhearted, reliable personality