Guardian of fire Age: 22 Height: 189cm (6ft 2in) Weight: 79kg (174lb 3oz) Eye Color: ice blue Hair Color: fiery red Birthday: December 21 Sign: Sagittarius Blood Type: AB Origin: a plains planet Lineage: soldier Family: father, mother, younger brother, younger sister Nature of Sacrea: military affairs, destruction and creation Messenger Came: age 17 Became a Guardian: age 18 Hobbies: flirting, swordsmanship in general (especially fencing), darts, roulette, billiards Interests: armor, lure fishing Best Friend: Julious Worst Friend: Lumiale Ideal Woman: all (especially a stout-hearted woman who shows hints of vulnerability) Favorite Scent: the scent that suits that person Favorite Item: bouquet of red roses Favorite Animal: wolf Favorite Drink: cappuccino Favorite Food: churrasco, ethnic cuisine (especially tom yum koong) Disliked Food: green peas, mayonnaise, white sauce Personality: A passionate, active young man. Affectionate towards women.