Shizu Murasame

村雨 静

Also Known As:

  • Oshizu

Height: 159 cm Weight: 49 kg 3-sizes: 82-56-81 cm The ghost of a girl who died in the old abandoned school building 400 years ago, Shizu is sincere, kind, and very curious about the modern world, but has a severe fear of dogs, likened to Haruna's level of fear to the supernatural. She is usually addressed as "Oshizu" (��?); the O (�?) is an honorific used to refer to women. When frightened, she can emit blasts of mental stress, blowing apart various objects and surroundings, but is also capable of manipulating others through sheer willpower. A related gag is the blasts of stress frequently rip apart clothing, resulting in Rito being in an awkward situation with one of the female cast. Since her meeting with Rito and the others, she begins exploring the world outside the old school building. Oshizu is aware of Haruna's crush on Rito by her ability to sense feelings while possessing another person and becomes very supportive towards cheering Haruna into confessing her feelings to him. Oshizu "returns" to the living, after Ryouko creates a prosthetic body for her to inhabit, built with biological qualities (looking and feeling like an actual, human body). However, she occasionally "disconnects" during brief moments of excitement, her spirit leaving her prosthetic body. She currently works as a nurse for Ryouko, while Ryouko maintains Oshizu's physical body. In the first anime, Oshizu is not given a new body and her presence is limited, while she has her body as she does in the manga for the OVA releases and the new anime. (Source: Wikipedia)