Also Known As:

  • Pikkon

Pikkon is the West Kai's best fighter, dead for an untold amount of time Pikkon has been training relentlessly in otherworld until Goku encounters him in the Other World Martial Arts Tournament, Goku watches Pikkon's match against Olibu and considers him a worthy opponent. Pikkon and Goku both make it to the final round, the match is close until Goku discovers a weakness in Pikkon's most powerful energy blast and knocks him out of the ring however due to both fighters touching the roof during the match the round is called a draw, afterwards Goku and Pikkon strike up a friendship and Pikkon vows to train as hard as he can to one day defeat Goku. Pikkon makes another appearance during the Buu saga, alongside Olibu he taunts and briefly fights Kid Buu until Buu leaves attracted to Vegeta's and Goku's Ki. Pikkon also holds off Janemba until Vegeta and Goku can fuse into Gogeta during the 12th Dragonball Z movie Fusion Reborn.