Age: 16 Birthday: September 3 Birth place: Germany Pandora was born in a rich family and was loved by both parents. One day she opened the box that was sealed by Athena and released Hypnos and Thanatos. She was told that Hades will become her brother and she must protect him until the final battle begins, if she would, they would grant her eternal life. She commands the first wave of Spectres to attack the Sanctuary in the name of Hades in the final chapter. Despite being Hades' Sister her life resembled more a life of a slave. The only favor she received from Hades was a necklace that allows her to travel through different realms. Finally she realized that Hades had destroyed the happy life she led with her family and made her into a living marionette. She gave Ikki her necklace and thus betrayed Hades. She was killed by Thanatos.