A resident of Rush Valley, she lost her legs and right arm at a young age in a train wreck, but Dominic takes pity on her (in the form of social outrage) and gives her free automail legs and an arm. Thanks to these legs, she can run at great speed and jump great lengths. One leg also conceals a cannon, while the other has a long switchblade. She takes Ed, Al and Winry to see Dominic at Winry's wish. Paninya had made a living out of pickpocketing tourists in Rush Valley, but after a talk with Winry she realizes that being a criminal would defeat the purpose that Dominic intended for her when he gave her free legs. She is currently working legitimate odd jobs around Garfiel's shop. In the anime she also has an automail arm, which gets damaged in an arm wrestling contest. It also appears that Dominic adopted her after she lost her limbs in a train crash. No mention was made of what she did for a living, though in the chase with Edward, she was taking his pocketwatch to a pawn shop. However, this was most likely Winry's idea for Ed cheating in an automail contest. Since she is seen in Dominics shop it can be assumed that she might work for him. She was seen at the end of the anime, helping Winry perfect her skills. In the manga the only automail she possesses is her prosthetic legs. It is noted that one leg has a Carbine rifle built into it by Dominic and the other a blade. She pickpocketed from tourists to try to pay back Dominic, who lives out in the mountains of Rush Valley with his son, his wife, and herself, for her automail. Dominic always refuses to accept her stolen money. After reforming her ways, she becomes a roofer and Dominic begins to reluctantly accept her money.