Pantyhose Taro


Also Known As:

  • Collant Taro

Aliases: Collant Taro Pantyhose Freak, Baggy Pantyhose or Pantyhose Guy by Ranma Vulgar One, by Rouge Age: 18-20 Occupation: Martial artist Known relatives: Mother Happosai, godfather Curse: Human to Yeti-Bull-Crane-Eel Having "Pantyhose" for a name Fighting style: Unknown Pantyhose Taro has possibly the most unusual curse in the series, having been baptised in the Spring of the Drowned Yeti Holding an Eel and Crane while Riding an Ox after his birth. Unfortunately, it was Happosai who performed the honor after helping his mother give birth while he was in one of his rare good moods. In Taro's society, the baptiser also receives the honor of naming the child, and he chose "Pantyhose," believing everybody would like it. Taro enjoys the power his cursed form possesses, even going back to Jusenkyo to get an octopus curse to add tentacles to his back. A quite cold, sadistic and thoroughly ruthless individual, he is driven entirely by his desire to capture Happosai and be renamed. More info here.