Patricia Martin


Also Known As:

  • Patty

Birthday: April 16 Zodiac: Aries Lives in: Saitama Prefecture Blood type: O Strong subject: English Disliked subject: Japanese Hair color: Blond Eye color: Blue She is a transfer student from the United States. She is in the same class as Yutaka and Minami. She has short blonde hair and blue eyes. Patricia loves anime and manga and has learned all her Japanese through them, so in effect her Japanese is very weird. She is extremely energetic and lively and has a high interest in boys love. Aside from Miyuki, she has the second biggest chest size, which she is often ashamed about. Patricia works with Konata at the cosplay cafe. Her voice is meant to represent Minnie Mouse's in both the Japanese and English version. In Japanese, it is supposed to highlight her American heritage, while in English it merely follows the Japanese version.