Patty Lowell


Patty Lowell is a young girl who Dante met after she supposedly came into a large inheritance. This turned out to be a sham, and she has since been spending a lot of time with Dante, whether he likes it or not. She turned out to be a descendant of a powerful magician who sealed the devil Abigail. Patty is very girly and loves cute things, sometimes decorating Dante's otherwise gloomy office with ribbons and plush toys. She loves romantic TV shows and serves as Dante's only source of feminine influence in the absence of Trish and Lady. At the end of the anime, Patty finds her birth mother (whom she had been slightly obsessed with since the beginning) and leaves Dante's office, which proved to be her part time home. However she did not forget about Dante and starts cleaning his normally messy office when he's out.