Pellegri was the commander of the U-TIC complex on Pleroma, where MOMO was incarcerated until her rescue by Ziggy. Sometime afterward, she commanded the dreadnaught that pursued the Elsa Van Brabant, which was carrying MOMO, along with Ziggy, Allen Ridgeley, Lt. Louis Virgil, Shion Uzuki and KOS-MOS. She lost pursuit of the ship for two reasons: one was the Elsa's helmsman Tony, who used extreme measures to move the ship against the hyperdrive slipstream, evading the ship. The other was the U-TIC dreadnaught found itself being pursued by the Kukai Foundation's Durandal, commanded by Rubedo. Although she is dedicated to U-TIC's ideals, Pellegri often finds herself in conflict with much of Commander Margulis' orders, which included using the Song of Nephilim against the Kukai Foundation. She also found herself from time-to-time up against Jin Uzuki, Shion's older brother, the last time was when U-TIC framed the Kukai Foundation for the destruction of the Woglinde armada, which was caused by Gnosis. (source: Absolute Anime)