Pesche Guatiche


Pesche is a fairly harmless, humanoid hollow whose mask resembles an insectoid head with a large pair of mandibles. He wears an eyepatch and a loincloth. His hollow hole is slightly lower than normal, positioned near his stomach instead of his chest. He and Dondo were once Nel Tu's Fracción, but had their masks forcibly removed by Nnoitra and were left for dead with Nel. After realizing that their master had reverted to a defenseless child, he and Dondo pledged to protect Nel by never telling her about her former life. He spent the following time traveling around Hueco Mundo with them. He accidentally accompanies UryÅ« into Las Noches, having mistaken him for Ichigo. This initially upsets Pesche as he believes UryÅ« to be the weakest member of the group due to his appearance, while thinking that Chad is the strongest. Pesche possesses an ability he calls "Infinite Slick" (ç„¡é™�ã�®æ»‘走(インフィナイト・スリック), Infinaito Surikku?),[2] in which he sprays his saliva at an object, severely reducing its friction. Though seemingly useless, he is able to render Cirucci's weapon ineffective by coating it in his liquid, and it can be used similarly to make opponents lose their footing or grip on things. The liquid is limited in supply, contrary to its name. Pesche states that he named it as such because "Finite Slick" didn't sound nearly as cool. He can also perform a synchronized cero attack with Dondo. In addition to his powers, he carries an energy sword he calls Ultima (究極(ウルティマ), Urutima?, Spanish for "final," Japanese for "ultimate") which he compares to one of UryÅ«'s Seele Schneiders, humorously drawing it from his loincloth using its vaguely phallic hilt. Source - Wikipedia