Pirotessa Merestianna


Also Known As:

  • Pirotess

She is among the best of the dark elves, a figure of graceful beauty and deadly skill. Only two have been known to match Pirotess' abilities: Deedlit, a High Elf, and Ashram, whose own skill goes beyond what would normally be possible for a human. Pirotess and Deedlit will ultimately meet face to face as Wagnard orders Pirotess to capture the High Elf to use as the sacrifice to revive Kardis. Alone, the odds may have been even, but Pirotess had brought some help. But even Pirotess has to be cautious when Shiris and Orson join Parn. Even Dark Elves fear the Berserkers of Hyuri. Pirotess is loyal to Ashram and will seldom leave his side. Even upon orders from Wagnard to capture Deedlit, when she finds that she cannot, she joins Ashram at Fire Dragon Mountain instead of returning to Marmo. She realizes the sheer power Shooting Star possessess, and she dedicates herself to protecting Ashram, even if it means her own life in the process.