Beet's childhood friend and the second member of the Beet Warriors, her family took Beet in when Zenon brought him there. She cares about her family and friends very much and became a buster to pay for her fathers medicine. She is thoughtful and prefers to have a plan before starting a mission. She can also be extremely violent when the circumstances call for it. Beet often introduces her as his wife-to-be which can make her mad. Regardless she has a crush on Beet and hates it when Milfa flirts with him. She is in charge of money for the Beet Warriors and will use there for both things they need like food and weapons. Her main element is fire. At first she thought that her divine attack of fire was weak because she was. Kissu explained that it was strong at first, but it scattered after a distance, causing it to lose power. She corrected this by attacking monsters and Vandels up close.