Name: Potato Age: Unknown (Potato is a Puppy) Breed: Unknown Fur Colour: White Eye Colour: Black (With a Faint Dark Blue) Likes: Kirishima Kano, Yukito's Puppet Favourite Phrase: 'Piko' Potato is a stray dog who is almost always seen with Kirishima Kano. Its main purpose is mostly for comic relief, however it was the reason behind Kano and Yukito's meeting. During episode two while Yukito is performing his puppet show outside the local clinic, Potato is the only one who stops and watches. This leads to Kirishima Hijiri, Kano's older sister, finding Yukito outside of her clinic and offers him work doing odd jobs. Because Potato and Kano are very close, it is through Potato that Yukito and Kano meet. During the movie adaptation of Air, Potato has a cameo in the anime Misuzu is watching. He does not however, appear at any other time. [Written by MAL Rewrite]