Also Known As:

  • Sparkplug

Prime (Sparkplug in English version) is a good-natured, energetic young Micron who through the fates of war has become partnered with Convoy, leader of the Cybertrons. Through this and his heroic actions, he has become something of a leader to his fellow Microns. He is also one of the few Microns to advocate siding with the Cybertrons. While most Microns view the differences between the Cybertrons and the Destrons with apathy at best, Prime is firmly aware of what those differences mean to Microns. He has seen the way Megatron treats Barrel (Leader-1 in English version) compared to the way Convoy treats him. Given the choice, Prime gladly prefers the Cybertrons. Millions of years ago, Prime was one of the Microns who formed an alliance with the Cybertrons against the Destrons, to prevent their power from being corrupted by Megatron. He became the personal partner of Convoy up until the point when the Microns fled Cybertron. (Source: TF Wiki)